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About Mental Health Academy

Mental Health Academy (MHA) is the largest provider of continuing professional development (CPD) education for the mental health industry in Australia. MHA delivers a broad range of courses and videos, with convenient online delivery, endorsed by numerous leading industry associations.

We live in a mobile world with numerous conflicting tasks vying for our time. Sometimes it’s extremely difficult to get to workshops and conferences. MHA learning is entirely portable and accessible 24/7. Whether you’re travelling for work or pleasure you can log in and top up your CPD, or just take a course that interests you.

How it works

Finding relevant CPD activities can be challenging at times. First, there is the geographical challenge – not all activities are conducted near your location. Second, there is the timing challenge – available activities do not always cover the topic of your interest at the time you have available. Third, there is the financial challenge – CPD activities can be costly once you sum up registration fees and logistics required to attend them. These challenges can significantly limit how much professional development you can access each year.

MHA provides you with on-demand access to a huge range of programs, covering dozens of topics, available from anywhere, 24/7.

With Mental Health Academy, you have unlimited, unrestricted access to the largest repository of mental health CPD programs available anywhere in the country. You only pay a single fee (monthly over 12 months or upfront with a discount), and choose whichever programs you want to undertake, at any time. It’s the easiest and most cost effective way to undertake CPD and develop your skills.

CPD programs

MHA delivers professional development education in two formats: text-based courses (combined with graphics, diagrams, tables and supporting images) and webstreamed videos (supported by presenter notes, leader guides, session transcripts, powerpoints and other resources).

MHA courses are developed specifically for CPD by a highly qualified and experienced team of educators. Courses include numerous references from peer-reviewing journal articles and renowned textbooks. There are over 100 courses to choose from, exploring a huge range of topics, including: counselling interventions, communications skills, conflict, child development, group work, mental health disorders, stress, trauma and incident counselling, relationships, ethics, reflective practice, loss and grief, plus much more.

MHA videos are recorded directly from Australian conferences and workshops, and then edited for viewing online. This means you can learn first-hand from leading experts, without having to travel interstate or paying hundreds of dollars in registration fees. With unlimited replay and easy access to supporting resources, you can watch professionals showcasing evidence-based strategies, new techniques and groundbreaking research to improve mental health outcomes. Many videos include role-plays and “live” demonstrations of skills – as well as various downloadable resources.

All MHA CPD programs include a multiple-choice assessment component that can be completed progressively, and submitted at any time. Upon completing assessment you’re able to download a Certificate of Attainment that can be used as proof of your CPD undertaking.

Member profile

As a Mental Health Academy member you can easily manage your CPD history and records via your tailored, secure (login-only) CPD profile. Through your unique profile you can keep track of all your subscribed programs; download certificates; access tax invoices; update profile information; review what you have learned at any time (even if your membership has lapsed); plus much more.


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a mandatory requirement for most mental health industry associations. It’s the instrument associations employ to ensure their members are up to date with the latest research, methods, skills and ethical frameworks.

MHA courses and videos provide you with the opportunity to update or gain knowledge in a range of mental health disciplines, and also accrue compulsory CPD points to maintain membership with your industry association.

Currently, Mental Health Academy programs are endorsed by the following associations:

  • Australian Association of Social Workers
  • Australian Counselling Association
  • Federation of Victorian Counsellors
  • Professional Counselling Association of the ACT and NSW
  • South Australian Professional Counselling Association

Mental Health Academy programs also comply with the Psychology Board of Australia’s standards for active CPD, meaning Registered Psychologists in Australia can undertake MHA programs as part of their mandatory continuing professional development requirements.


MHA provides you with the most cost effective way to undertake CPD. Your investment per CPD hour or program is substantially cheaper than by any other means – but without compromise on quality.

There are two levels of Mental Health Academy membership: Standard and Premium. As a Standard Member you can choose from over 100 text-based courses. As a Premium Member, you can access all text-based courses and webstreamed videos. With both membership types you have the flexibility to choose how you pay.

If you choose to pay upfront you receive up to 25% discount off your membership fees. That’s up to $119 in savings. This discount is also applicable to membership renewals.

You also have the option to break down your membership fees into flexible monthly payments over 12 months. After 12 months, your access is simply renewed on a month-by-month basis.

(Courses only)
(Courses + Videos)
Pay monthly (min. 12 months)
Flexible payment option
$27/month (min. $324) $39/month (min. $468)
Pay upfront (discounted)
Big savings – up to 25%
$259/year (save $65) $349/year (save $119)


Got a question? Visit our Support section to review dozens of FAQs and learn more about MHA.