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What is the Mental Health Academy?

Mental Health Academy (MHA) is the largest provider of continuing professional development (CPD) education for the mental health industry in Australia. MHA delivers a broad range of courses and videos, with convenient online delivery, endorsed by numerous leading industry associations.


How are courses and videos delivered?

For your convenience, Mental Health Academy courses are delivered online. Each course is hosted on the website (thus, there is nothing to download) and includes readings, assessment questions, tables and diagrams, audios, videos and other supporting materials (depending on the course). Preview a course>>


Similarly to courses, Mental Health Academy video workshops are delivered online, using webstreaming technology. Webstreaming is the same technology utilised in websites such as You Tube. Videos also include downloadable resources that support your learning, such as PowerPoints, leader guides, reports and additional readings. Preview a video>>


How do I become a member?

To access courses or videos you must be a Mental Health Academy member. There are four membership options to choose from: Premium (monthly or annual) and Standard (monthly or annual).


Premium memberships provide you with unrestricted access to all courses and videos. The only way to access videos is through a Premium membership. Standard memberships provide access to courses only. As a Standard member you can upgrade your access to Premium at any time.


Click here to learn more and register.


I'm a member. How do I access courses and videos?

First, make sure you login using the login box on the top-right section of our homepage. Once you are logged on, you can subscribe to as many courses (Standard and Premium members) or videos (Premium members only) you'd like, at no additional cost to your monthly or annual membership fees.


To subscribe to courses, simply visit the courses section, use the left-side navigation options to find a course, then click the access button located under the course overview and content sections. Each course you subscribe to is automatically added to the "My Profile" page, where you can access the content from the "My Courses" section.


To subscribe to videos (you must be a Premium member to subscribe to videos), simply visit the videos section, use the left-side navigation options to find a video, then click the access button located under the video description. Each video you subscribe to is automatically added to the "My Profile" page, where you can access the content from the "My Videos" section.


Are there any pre-requirements to become a member?

No. Anyone can become a Mental Health Academy member. Our membership options are suitable for both personal and professional development purposes.


Do your courses and videos count towards my CPD/ OPD?

Currently, registered psychologists, counsellors and social workers can earn CPD hours / OPD points by completing Mental Health Academy programs.


Psychologists: All Mental Health Academy programs fit the criteria for "Active CPD" established by the Psychology Board of Australia. See the FAQ Does completing Mental Health Academy programs counts towards my annual CPD hours? for further information.


Counsellors: All Mental Health Academy programs are endorsed by the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) for ongoing professional development (OPD) points. ACA members earn double OPD points (2 points per 1 hour duration) when completing any course or video. This endorsement also applies to all ACA member associations. 


Social Workers: All Mental Health Academy programs are endorsed by the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) for continuing professional development (CPD) hours. The current endorsement is valid until 30 June 2017. The Endorsement Reference Number for these programs is AASW160309.


I'm a registered psychologist. What are my CPD requirements?

Psychologists who hold General registration for the full registration year must complete 30 hours of CPD activities for the registration year and of the 30 hours at least 10 hours must be peer consultation.


These requirements apply regardless of whether you work full-time or part-time, as a part-time psychologist needs to maintain the same high standard of practice as someone working full time. Psychologists who are registered as Provisional or Non-Practising for the full registration year are exempt from the CPD standard.


CPD Cycle: The CPD cycle for psychologists aligns with the annual renewal cycle for general registration – 1 December to 30 November every year. 


Accreditation: The Board does not accredit any CPD activities or providers. Therefore psychologists are not limited to CPD offered by specific providers – they have the flexibility to choose the CPD options that best suit their own needs, including activities offered by overseas CPD providers.


Click here for more information on CPD requirements for Psychologists.


Does completing Mental Health Academy programs counts towards my annual CPD hours?

Yes. All Mental Health Academy programs fall within the Psychology Board of Australia's definition for "Active CPD", as re-printed below: 


Ten (10) hours each year are recommended to be 'active CPD' which refers to continuous professional development activities that engage the participant in active training through written or oral activities designed to enhance and test learning. This is a recommendation of the Board, not a requirement. Examples of 'active' CPD include reading a structured series of professional psychology articles followed by completing an online assessment.


Upon completion of any Mental Health Academy program, psychologists can download a branded certificate stating their results - including their name, the title of the program, date completed, and hours.


Download the Board's CPD Forms (Word document).


How long do I have to complete a course or video?

Mental Health Academy courses and videos are self-paced and can be completed progressively, at any time. Whilst we do not stipulate a minimum period to complete any program, please note you must be an active member to gain access to any courses or videos currently listed in your "My Profile" page.


If you cancel or fail to renew your membership, you will no longer be able to access courses or videos you have not completed (although you will be able to renew/ reactivate your access at any time). 


Do you issue certificates upon completion of a program?

All Mental Health Academy programs include a self-paced, mandatory online assessment component. When you submit your assessment for a course or video and achieve the minimum 80% completion rate, you are able to download a branded certificate of completion stating your results. The same certificate can also be downloaded at any time from the "My Courses" or "My Videos" sections via the "My Profile" page.


If I logout of my account or leave the assessment page, will my answers be lost?

No. However, you need to ensure that you save your progress as you progress through the assessments. Simply use the appropriate button at each assessment question. Saving each answer ensures your information is saved for the next time you access it.


Can I do more than one course or video at a time?

Yes. You are welcome to subscribe to and complete as many courses and videos as you would like, during the same period.


I don't have much time available in front of a computer. Can I print out course content?

You may print the reading materials and assessments to read them offline, and then complete the online assessment when you have time in front of a computer. If the course you are doing has video content, you will need to organise time online to watch it. Please remember that due to copyright restrictions you cannot distribute printed materials to anyone.


How many questions do I need to answer correctly to complete a course or video?

To successfully complete a Mental Health Academy course or video, you are required to obtain a minimum of 80% correct answers on the overall result.


What happens if I don't attain the minimum 80% pass rate?

You can review (for reference, your incorrect answers will be marked when you return to the assessment page after having submitted your assessment), save your progress and re-submit your answers at any time if you haven't attained the minimum 80% pass rate for a course or video. 


Once you have attained the 80% mark, you will still have access to the course/video content (you can review/refresh your learning at any time) but you will not be able to re-submit your assessment questions. Correct answers for courses you have completed are available for review via the assessment section. 


What do course HOURS and LEVELS refer to?

HOURS are calculated in accord with the course’s length in words. In general, 1 hour refers to courses that have less than 5,000 words; 2 hours to courses that have between 5,000 and 10,000 words; whilst 3-hour courses have 10,000-15,000 words. 


LEVELS reflect the complexity of the course content. Generally, LEVEL 1 courses provide an introduction to a topic or theory; LEVEL 2 courses provide more in-depth exploration, including specific applications; and LEVEL 3 courses concentrate of practical aspects, revolving around comprehensive case studies.


I want to cancel my current membership. What do I need to do?

To cancel your Mental Health Academy membership you must submit a request, in writing or by email to at least 3 working days before the due date of your membership cycle. Cancellations will be processed before the monthly due date and are effective from the next due date.


Unless stated otherwise, the associated cost of Monthly Unlimited Memberships are for the full duration of the membership period (or minimum membership term). Cancellations received within the initial monthly membership period will accrue a cancellation fee equal to the unpaid portion of the membership, after which time no further monthly fees will be charged. 


For example, a cancellation received 3 months prior to the end of the membership period will accrue a cancellation fee of 3 times the monthly membership fee. The cancellation fee will be applied automatically upon receipt of cancellation to the members registered credit card. Upon expiry of the initial membership period, the members account will remain active on a month by month basis until such time as a cancellation request is provided.


Unless a cancellation request has been provided in writing, your monthly or annual membership will be renewed automatically upon expiry of your next monthly or annual billing cycle. 


What is the difference between the Standard and Premium memberships?

MHA delivers professional development education in two formats: text-based courses (combined with graphics, diagrams, tables and supporting images) and webstreamed videos (supported by presenter notes, leader guides, session transcripts, powerpoints and other resources).


Standard members have unlimited access to all text-based courses, but cannot access videos. Premium members have unlimited access to both courses and videos. If you are a Standard member and wish to access videos, you can easily upgrade your membership by clicking the "Upgrade" button located on the top-right of your logged on screen.


How do I access the Psychological First Aid (PFA) course?

If you are an active Premium member (or promotional member with access to the Psychological First Aid course), you can access the PFA course via the "Psychological First Aid" section located at the "My Profile" page (under "My Courses" and "My Videos"). If you are a Standard member, you will need to upgrade to Premium to access this program.