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Collection: Applications of Positive Psychology

This collection (5 courses) teaches mental health practitioners how to apply key principles and techniques from positive psychology to improve client outcomes and wellbeing.

About this collection

Positive psychology is the scientific study of optimal functioning and wellbeing. It aims to understand what is good in people and life, in order to help people live happier, more productive and fulfilling lives. By exploring the positive experiences, characteristics, and practices that enable individuals, institutions and communities to flourish, it shifts the traditional focus of mental health from addressing deficits to building strengths and resources. Over the five videos of this series, Sue Langley presents an overview of this rich and varied field, including what positive psychology is and isn’t. She explains key theories of flourishing and wellbeing.

Viewers will be able to learn the following, and much more, in the series: 1) How to use the science of positive emotions to foster an environment for healing and propel people in “upward spirals” toward optimal functioning and wellbeing; 2) What tools to use in order to help clients identify and develop their strengths, allowing them to feel more energised, confident, and engaged; 3) Which research, theories, and activities can help clients find their own meaning in life, connecting them to their values, fostering growth through adversity, and developing a richer sense of purpose in everyday life; 4) How to draw on social neuroscience as well as studies of relationship across different disciplines to help clients cultivate positive, healthy relationships and tap into altruistic potential.

Duration 5 hours
Format video
Type Collection
Price Included with membership
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