Collection: Coaching and Career

This collection (5 courses) examines career counselling and coaching - what is involved; how coaching differs from counselling; the skills from counselling that are transferable to the coaching environment; and how to identify and cultivate client strengths.

About this collection

Counsellors and other mental health professionals are called upon these days to perform an ever-increasing number of roles for their clients. One of those is that of coach, yet only a minority of trained counsellors has actually gained formal certification in coaching as well. What is involved in coaching? How is it different from counselling? Which skills from counselling are transferable to the coaching environment? And how compatible are the two types of professional guidance? Mental health helpers already trained in coaching as well as those intending to offer their services as coach will find this collection useful.

Duration 8 hours
Format text,video
Type Collection
Price Included with membership
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