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Collection: Cutting-Edge Parenting: Theory and Applications

This collection (5 courses) teaches mental health practitioners how to apply key principles and techniques from cutting-edge parenting research and from positive psychology to improve client outcomes and wellbeing for individuals and families – particularly parents.

About this collection

In this five-part series, parenting expert Dr Justin Coulson explores strategies and the underlying theoretical rationale for effective parenting. While the classes are aimed at counsellors and other mental health professionals working with parents whose children are demonstrating challenging behaviour, Coulson’s empathetic, engaging approach means that non-professional parent viewers will also be able to understand and implement the ideas.

In the five classes, Coulson examines: 1) Notions of discipline, suggesting a sequence of questions to children (or other parties in conflict) which promotes accountability, responsibility, and being aware not only of one’s own emotions, but also those of others; 2) Resilience, the myths that surround it, and how we can build resilience in kids; 3) The concepts of fixed and growth mindset, showing how parents, teachers, and counsellors can apply the notions to common situations children face in school and life; 4) What constitutes a “strength” and how we can best help our clients and/or their children to identify and utilise their strengths; 5) How gratitude and hope can inoculate people against depression, including discussion of recent gratitude studies, how to increase gratitude, the difference between optimism and hope, and how to build the skill of hopefulness.

Duration 5 hours
Format video
Type Collection
Price Included with membership
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