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Collection: Perspectives on Clinical Supervision

This collection (3 courses) examines clinical supervision, including definitions, models and theories, effectiveness in enhancing therapeutic outcomes, and some ethical considerations.

About this collection

Western, developed nations where counselling happens have put in place robust measures to ensure the safety of clients. One of those is the regular attendance of the counsellor at supervision. Supervisors with a solid alliance with their counsellor-clients can help extend the counsellor’s knowledge base, be on the lookout for ethical dilemmas and how to resolve them, and generally support the counsellor in achieving the latter’s professional goals.

But becoming a supervisor means taking a significant step into increased professional responsibility for positive outcomes. Are you clear as a supervisor on all that is required of you? Do you know how to guide a supervisory session from the counsellor-client’s presenting issue through the phase of deepening to a successful conclusion? Do you know how to foster reflectiveness in your counsellor-clients? Apart from the injunction to “do no harm”, do you know how to help counsellors structure their work with clients in order to create measurable outcomes? Are you aware of what the evidence is for clinical supervision enhancing therapy outcomes? This collection helps supervisors to ensure that they do, indeed, provide a safety net for the clients of the counsellors coming to them for supervision.

Duration 5 hours
Format text,video
Type Collection
Price Included with membership
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