Collection: The Basic Science of the Brain

This collection introduces brain basics to mental health practitioners, with a focus on the relevance and application of this knowledge in counselling practice.

About this collection

Are you one of the tens of thousands of mental health helpers beginning to realise that the “invasion” of brain studies in the counselling field is not going away? Knowing about the human brain and how it works is decreasingly an “extra points” option. To keep up with the rapidly evolving fields of counselling and psychotherapy these days, one must factor in time to study the effect that the brain, healthy or not, has on clients and their life – and in the opposite direction – the effect that clients’ thinking, acting, and living in certain ways has on the brain. So, if you’ve been dragging your feet, this collection is a great opportunity to get with the program. You will be able to learn not only what the basic areas of the brain are, but also about the relationship between therapy and the brain, and much more.

Duration 7 hours
Format text,video
Type Collection
Price Included with membership
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