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Collection: Transpersonal Psychology: Theories and Applications

This collection (9 courses) examines various therapeutic approaches and techniques that fall under the umbrella of Transpersonal Psychology, include practical strategies therapists can use with clients.

About this collection

Most therapists take it as axiomatic that, as human beings, we are involved – consciously or not – in growth and development towards greater wholeness. The relevant question then becomes that of which developmental sequences will most helpfully illuminate the journey that we make from infancy to maturity and beyond. What are the tasks that the developing human being must master to move from one level of beingness to the next, and in what order must that person master them? There are as many theorists as there are proposals for the trajectories we take en route to wholeness, but most would agree that the journey is not an orderly progression of equidistant, equal-paced steps. In times of transformation, we can seem to go backwards, and then suddenly shoot forward at an accelerated pace. Any transpersonal lens for human development must also take account not only of what behaviour is being exhibited outwardly, but also, what fears, aspirations, and even positive qualities are too “hot to handle” and have been relegated to the shadowy depths of the subconscious. This collection provides insight to all of these questions and more.

Duration 23 hours
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Type Collection
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