Educating Clients About Mental Wellness

This course - a companion to “Educating Clients About Physical Wellness” - focuses on how therapists can educate (psychoeducation) clients on how to improve their mental/emotional, social, and spiritual wellbeing.

About this course

In the companion course emphasising the physical aspects of health, “Educating Clients About Physical Wellness,” we looked at what mental health professionals may need to go over with clients when offering them psychoeducation about the physical level of health. This course is dedicated to examination of the other levels of human being: the mental/emotional, social, and spiritual realms where a lack of comfort or “dis-ease” may first manifest before migrating to the physical body as “disease”. We look at how you can help people manage stress better, taking on the self-awareness and self-regulation which helps to reduce stress and equip a person to achieve and maintain wellness. Finally, social support and having a spiritual or relaxation practice are aspects of wellness not always fully appreciated for the contribution they make, so we also illuminate that corner of the health tools repository available to the wellness warrior. Upon successful completion of the course, you will be able to: Help clients identify the chief sources and symptoms of their stress; Guide clients to implement three action-oriented strategies to reduce stress; Facilitate clients' identification of the attitudes, habits, and behaviours which are limiting or reducing their health; Generate conjointly with clients perception-oriented tools such as rebuttals to cognitive distortions and (ABC paradigm) counters to unhelpful or irrational beliefs and attitudes; Work with clients to implement the steps of the compassionate response; Explain the importance to wellness of having strong social connections; Suggest ways to create “down time” and self-care rituals; Assist clients in choosing their most compatible type of stillness practice to enhance wellness.
Duration 3 hours
Format text
Type introductory
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