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Justice, Equity, and Inclusion for LGBTQ+ Clients and Clinicians

In this course, Gus Raymond shares both quantitative research findings and lived experience to help deepen your understanding of how trans and LGBTQ+ individuals are disadvantaged and subject to exclusionary practices. He shows how this is true even when there is an attempt at inclusion, but that attempt is merely performative.

About this course

In this course, Gus Raymond, Director of Prevention and Intervention in a K-12 school district in northwest Iowa, cites more than 500 anti-LGBTQ+ bills currently under consideration in the United States Congress and how they are negatively impacting trans and LGBTQ+ members of American communities. He distinguishes between performative, “window dressing” acts and those of genuine inclusion and addresses the tokenism dynamics of trans and LGBTQ+ community members being involuntarily called out to render advice/opinions in groups, merely because of their lived experience. You learn more about how members of such communities are already more vulnerable due to higher levels of harassment, bullying, and exclusionary practices than cisgender people.
Duration 1 hour
Format video
Type specialised
Price Included with Membership
Writer / Presenter Gus Raymond

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