Narrative Practice with Couples: Session 2

In this course, Larry Zucker conducts the second narrative therapy counselling session with Tes and William, a couple experiencing problems from arguing and fighting.

About this course

In this course, Larry Zucker uses a narrative practice framework to work with troubled couples. It requires him to consider that clients are the experts on their own experience and that his expertise is in hosting the conversations that will help move them forward from their place of stuckness. In this second part, the pre-session conversation between series host Kevin Fitzsimmons and Larry Zucker is repeated. In the session, Zucker challenges the first couple, Tes and William, to become aware of when their conversation is moving towards a fight. Zucker makes interventions to help both members of the couple understand the other's experience rather than reacting from their own, often inaccurate, assumptions. Note: This course is part of the “Therapies In-Action: Narrative Practice with Couples” MHA Collection.
Duration 2 hours
Format video
Type case-study
Price Included with Membership
Writer / Presenter Larry Zucker

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