OCD and OCPD Case Studies

This course - a companion to “Understanding OCD and OCPD” - illustrates the theoretical understanding of OCD and OCPD through two real-life case studies.

About this course

This course is a companion and sequel to “Understanding OCD and OCPD,” which should be completed before this one. In Understanding OCD and OCPD, we laid out the basics for coming to grips with two obsessive disorders: OCD and OCPD. Students who succesfully complete it are able to recognise the symptoms of OCD and OCPD and to name the differences between the two disorders. In this course we flesh out the theoretical understanding through two case studies: one of a client with OCD and the other of a couple dealing with OCPD in the husband. Upon successful completion of the course, you will understand more deeply how OCD and OCPD may manifest in otherwise healthy people and heighten your awareness of how the disorders affect others in the life spheres of OCD and OCPD sufferers.
Duration 2 hours
Format text
Type case-study
Price Included with Membership
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