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Psychological Safety and Courage in the Workplace

In this course, Sue Langley explains what psychological safety is and is not, outlines its essential components, and offers tips on how you can enhance it in your team or organisation.

About this course

In this course, Sue Langley (CEO and founder of the Langley Group; academic director, Langley Group Institute) reviews the characteristics of a psychologically safe culture, also delineating what it is not. She shares some considerations for measuring psychological safety from a workplace perspective and discusses the three aspects of creating a psychologically safe workplace culture. High and low safety can be placed onto a matrix with low and high performance standards; Langley observes that this results in four “zones” teams can be in. Courage, compassion, and efficacy enter into the discussion as well. Langley offers five research-based tips for building confidence and efficacy and finishes with the invitation to you to reflect on where you have a sense of psychological safety and the efficacy to speak up.
Duration 1 hour
Format video
Type specialised
Price Included with Membership
Writer / Presenter Sue Langley

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