Sitting with Shadow

This course defines the concept of “psychological shadow” providing therapists with tools, strategies and techniques to support clients as they “meet their shadow”.

About this course

Shadow, the hidden component of our character which we have consigned to the dark recesses of our psyche, comes out inexplicably and horribly at times, embarrassing us, surprising us, and - if we are attuned to it - offering us the possibility of deeper insights into our true selves. And just as it does this with us - mental health practitioners whose stock-in-trade is self-awareness - you can bet your bottom dollar that so, too, does it affect our clients, who may have only a glimmering of insight into what they are dealing with. This course is about helping you to recognise when clients are meeting the shadow, so that you can be maximally capable of helping them to “mine” the inner gold that may be surfacing, albeit in a sneaky, “sideways” manner. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to: Define shadow and explain the mechanisms by which it works; Describe the consequences of acknowledging and also not acknowledging one's shadow; Recognise shadow manifesting in various sectors of a client's life: specifically, in work, primary relationships, everyday life, and in spiritual/creative endeavours.
Duration 3 hours
Format text
Type specialised
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Writer / Presenter

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