Solution-focused Therapy: The Basics

In this course we examine the chief assumptions and techniques of solution-focused therapy, a future-focused modality oriented toward solution-finding rather than problem analysis.

About this course

Sometimes a deep analysis of the client’s problem is necessary and useful. At other times, however, the client may be served better by a course of therapy which does not delve into past issues, but concentrates on finding timely solutions for the present and future. Solution-focused therapy is not only solution- and future-oriented, but also assumes that clients have within them the resources to solve their own problems; thus the therapy – typically brief – is about collaboratively setting up goals and then eliciting solutions from the client. This introductory course examines the chief assumptions and core concepts of solution-focused therapy and the stages in solution-focused treatment. It covers the principal solution-focused techniques and also evaluates the limitations and contributions of solution-focused approaches.
Duration 3 hour
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Type introductory
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