The Neuroscience of Habits

In this course, we look into how habits are formed and broken through the lens of the emergent discipline of neuroscience. Discussion ensues about how the recent understandings can be applied to issues mental health professionals typically work with.

About this course

In this course, the question of habit formation is examined through the lens of neuroscience, an emergent discipline with major implications for how counsellors work with clients. We define habits, look at how they both serve and limit us, and explain what is involved with each stage of the habit loop. There is discussion about which parts of the brain are engaged when we think things through consciously, and when we operate by habit. James Clear’s (2018) framework for instilling good habits that last – and for breaking maladaptive ones – is employed in detail, which should help treat clients trying to make changes. The final chapter outlines how the new understandings are being applied to the client issues with which mental health professionals typically work.
Duration 4 hours
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