Understanding Will

This course - a companion to “Principles of Psychosynthesis” and “Working with Will in the Therapy Room” - examines the Psychosynthesis concept of “Will” and its relationship with other psychological functions.

About this course

Will is a central concept in the psychology of Psychosynthesis founder, Roberto Assagioli, who described will as operative on personal, transpersonal, and universal levels. While both personal and transpersonal will are essential to understand, this course concentrates more on the aspects of personal will. It also examines the qualities of will and explains the stages of the willed act. We briefly look at the relationship of the will with the other psychological functions. If you have not already worked through the companion course, “Principles of Psychosynthesis,” we recommend that you do that before embarking on this course. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to: Explain the difference between strong, skilful, and good will, and how these may align with transpersonal will; List the seven chief qualities of will; Name the psychological functions and state their relationship with will; Recall the stages of the act of will.
Duration 2 hours
Format text
Type introductory
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