Working with Subpersonalities

This course - a companion to “Principles of Psychosynthesis” and “Working with Subpersonalities: Case Studies” - examines the Psychosynthesis concept of “Subpersonalities” and covers several exercises to guide clients to work with them.

About this course

Client issues such as fragmentation, anxiety, and inner conflict are well held by Psychosynthesis therapy in general and by the Psychosynthesis technique of subpersonality work in particular. This course offers you information about subpersonalities: the theory behind the construct, the core understandings, and several exercises to guide your clients' work with them. Note: You may also wish to work through a companion course “Principles of Psychosynthesis” in order to understand how the notion of subpersonalities fits into the general context of Psychosynthesis therapy. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to: Discuss why integration and synthesis of subpersonalities is vital for maximal growth and happiness; Name the five phases of subpersonality harmonisation and identify the type of work a client must engage at each stage; Recall in sequence, through a mnemonic, the aspects of the subpersonality which you should work through with clients in order to help coordinate that subpersonality; Guide clients through four subpersonality exercises, and know when to use each.
Duration 2 hours
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Type specialised
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