Brain Architecture 101

This course describes and discusses fundamental foundations of brain structure and architecture, with a focus on the application of this understanding to therapeutic practice.

About this course

The inclusion of neuroscience in the teaching and practice of mental health practitioners has become more accepted with modules being added to training courses and ongoing professional training. What is still missing is the fundamental foundations of the overall brain structure and architecture - we know more about various parts of the brain, but not necessarily where they are and what is around them. This courses addresses that by getting back to basics, although the descriptions are done in relation to our needs as therapeutic practitioners. The course will describe and discuss: Brain architecture from the brain stem to the cortex; Purpose and activity of these regions; How these regions relate to symptoms of affect and behaviour. The slides (downloadable) contain a wealth of additional information for your ongoing reference. It is by differentiating these “elements” of the brain that we are able to see the linkage and better understand how we might be able to integrate our brain to create better health and wellbeing.
Duration 1 hour
Format video
Type introductory
Price Included with Membership
Writer / Presenter Richard Hill

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