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OnTrac: A CBT Based Manualised Group Program for Adolescents with ADHD

In this course, Grace da Camara gives an overview of the OnTrac program and provides a session-by-session breakdown of what is covered and how it is delivered.

About this course

In this course, Grace da Camara (Psychologist, SafeZone Counselling) takes you on a comprehensive tour of the OnTrac CBT-based manualised group program for adolescents with ADHD. Session by session, she reviews the content that will help adolescents with a diagnosis of ADHD navigate the tricky waters of school, family, and social settings while respecting their neurodivergent needs. Sessions 1 through 5 each contain segments of psychoeducation, adaptive thinking, and practical coping skills, while Session 6 brings it all together, and Session 7 is devoted to a question-and-answer session. The first five sessions cover a broad range of topics, from detailing the types of problems (and problematic behaviours) experienced by those with ADHD to aspects such as social support, time management, and coping with intense emotions. Growth mindset, family conflict, and communication styles all get a look-in, while bullying, peer pressure, and moving through stages of change are also addressed.
Duration 2 hours
Format video
Type specialised
Price Included with Membership
Writer / Presenter Grace da Camara

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