The Dangers of Dopamine

In this course, Richard Hill (Mindscience Institute) examines the role of dopamine in the brain, and explores dopamine-related mental health issues and treatment options.

About this course

Dopamine is an important neurotransmitter to stimulate positive anticipation and good co-ordination. It is one of the “goodies” of the brain neurochemicals. It may be surprising to learn that many different serious mental and health issues are because of problems with dopamine. Our biology is notable in the way that it uses single elements in numerous ways. Dopamine is involved in 4 completely different neural systems. Trying to repair the correct levels of dopamine in one system can affect the others with severe side effects. Knowing the benefits of dopamine is only half the story. We also need to know the dangers, especially if our clients are taking dopamine regulating drugs, whether prescribed or not! This course examines and discusses: The 4 dopaminergic systems; Schizophrenia; Parkinson's disease; Frontal Lobe problems; Pharmacology; Treatment and care available to the counsellor and psychotherapist.
Duration 1 hour
Format video
Type introductory
Price Included with Membership
Writer / Presenter Richard Hill

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