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When Suicidal Thoughts Persist: Treating Chronic Ideation

In this course, Prof. Stacey Freedenthal, Ph.D. (University of Denver), explains how acute suicidality is different from chronic suicidal ideation; she describes therapist countertransference and the treatments that work, while urging therapists to maintain good self-care.

About this course

In this course, Dr. Stacey Freedenthal, Ph.D., Associate Professor, University of Denver, notes that suicide prevention texts and training materials typically address suicidal ideation as an acute crisis. Once the (acute) crisis subsides, suicidal thoughts often do not return. For some people, however, suicidal thoughts persist even when there is no crisis, or they recur many times. This course defines chronic suicidal ideation, describes common differences between people with chronic vs. acute suicidal ideation, and discusses at least three evidence-based treatment approaches for people whose suicidal thoughts persist for many months or years. Dr Freedenthal also explains how therapist countertransference manifests in chronic suicidal ideation and offers self-care tips for therapists dealing with it.
Duration 1 hour
Format video
Type specialised
Price Included with Membership
Writer / Presenter Stacey Freedenthal

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